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  • Register us

    Register us as your single vendor and experience magnitude of services from food to recreation provided by us in a single app.

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    Quotes management

    Have a requirement send across quotes to multiple vendors and choose the best quote feasible to you.

  • Order through us

    Order your taste! As we proudly say, be it a small or large requirement we will fulfill it by providing our best service.

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    Save time and money

    All your requirements can be managed through us, from our pool of qualified merchants. By doing so you need not spent time or money in verifying or scrutinizing merchants.

  • Insightful reports

    Have complete and thorough information on every Rupee spent, across every event, restaurant or service. Set parameters for budget policies on those basis.

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    Payment mode

    Payments are simplified, you can get the bill on the company or individual. Make payments by rising a purchase order, swiping a credit, debit, Amex card, or online. We work your way!

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