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    Partner with us and grow your business. We will be your marketing engine to promote your brand, products & services across corporate clients and add value beyond promoting you.

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    Update your Menu

    you will have full access to publish your menu, products and services on our app the way you want without any restrictions of any sort. We will make sure all the corporates are aware of it.

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    get the orders flowing in from the clients, choose according to your convenience and deliver the order on time like the way you always do.

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    Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or a new player in the market. We will help you in every way possible to expand and grow big. May it be food presentation, pricing, feedback or anything else?

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    we will be very transparent in doing business, by giving you all the freedom and information you need in doing business. In return we ask for some commission on the business done and a nominal membership fee annually.

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    Free Marketing

    Get recognized by all the corporates not just in Hyderabad but other cities as well, we conduct events and other festivities in the companies to market our partnered merchants. So, we advertise you not ourselves

How we work with our partners.